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Awl for All
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Awl for All
Kord & Klamp Awl for All
Kord 'n Klamp Products:

Use the Kord N' Klamp in the basement workshop and avoid tying cords together, use it in the garden or the garage workshop on all your power tools and landscaping tools. Keep several throughout the house, workshop, garage and yard for use with a wide variety of electrical products.

Kord 'n Klamp
Blister Two Pack

The Kord & Klamp Blister Pack contains 2 Klamps

Extension Cord Clip.

Secure Your Extension Cords Together.

Works Great for Appliances with Short Cords: Weed Whips, Hedge Clippers, Lawn Mowers, Leaf & Snow Blowers, etc.

Ideal Use for Many Different Hand Tools Like Circular Saws, Routers, Drills, etc.

Fits Most Sizes of Extension Cords: 14 - 16 or 18 Gauge Extension Cords. Virtually No Added Weight. Patented Extension Cord Clip Design.

Bright Impact "Space Age" Polymer for Long Life, High Visibility. Installs in Seconds. Multiple Uses. Klamp It & Forget It!    Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

KNK-1-PAK / Single Kord N' Klamp
Contains 1 Clamp, Green color.

KNK-2-PAK / 2 Pack Kord N' Klamp
Contains 2 Clamps, Green color.

KNK-4-PAK / 4 Pack Kord N' Klamp
Contains 4 Clamps, Green color.

KNK-6-PAK / 6 Pack Kord N' Klamp
Contains 6 Clamps, Green color.

KNK-12-PAK / 12 Pack Kord N' Klamp
Contains 12 Clamps, Green color.


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Awl for All

Kord 'n KlampKord 'n Klamp
Kord N Klamp

The Kord N' Klamp is perfect for all jobsites where electrical cords are being used. The Kord N' Klamp may prevent potential OSHA violations for extension cords that are tied together. Having several on the jobsite is a convenient way to have all your electrical tools and extension cords hooked together. Just Klamp it and forget it with the Kord N' Klamp!

Kord 'n Klamp

The Kord N' Klamp is also available for purchase in bulk quantities for corporate and promotional purposes. We can put your logo on the Kord N' Klamp for promotional purposes. Great for giveaways, company parties, picnics, employee gifts, sales and marketing tools. Discounts available for bulk quantites so inquire today!

Kord 'n Klamp
Available in 4 colors in bulk quantities only.

For larger orders (2500 +), we can also manufacture the Kord N' Klamp in your corporate colors with your logo, marketing information, website detail, etc. Please call for Quantity and Pricing 847-593-1651 or send an inquiry to

Kord 'n Klamp
Kord N' Klamp receives the
"Handyman Club" Seal of Approval.

Kord N' Klamp is proud to announce that its product has earned the "Member Tested and Recommended" Seal of Approval from the largest do-it-yourself club in the United States; The Handyman Club of America. A panel of Handyman Club members approved Kord N' Klamp via the Club Product Test Program in which the members test products and rate them on characteristics like quality, performance, design, versatility and value, and provide an overall rating.

Awl for All

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