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Awl for All
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Awl for All
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Awl for All
Awl for All Awl for All
About AWL for ALL
A division of The Line Group, Inc.

C. A. Myers Company, a division of The Line Group, Inc. has been in business since 1903 when the Myers Famous Lock Stitch Sewing Awl, the "Awl for All" was originally invented and patented. Over the years the uses for this handy tool have changed considerably but the "Awl for All" is still manufactured in the USA of only the highest quality materials.

Awl for All

The Easy To Use Leather & Canvas Repair Tool. Repairs Many Leather, Plastic, Vinyl, & Cloth Items.

Awl for All


Awl for AllAwl for All
The "Awl for All" is an indispensible tool to keep in anyone's tool chest. It's a must have for the handyman around the home and the workshop; it's a very useful tool for the agricultural community not only for the equipment but for the livestock as well.

The "Awl for All" is used to mend sporting equipment, especially hockey pads and gloves, baseball gloves, equipment bags and cleats/shoes. Additional special applications include luggage and shoe repair, camping and outdoor equipment, marine and sail repair, pool cover repair, saddle and tack manufacture and repair, motorcycle saddle bags, and virtually any other application where you need a strong needle and thread to sew through heavier garments such as leather, vinyl and canvas.

Industrial applications include repair of conveyor belts, forklift seats, strapping for material handling purposes and any number of other industrial applications.

The "Awl for All" is also a great way to have fun with the children with leather crafting projects. Previously we only offered the triple strand polyester thread in black, brown and white. We are pleased to announce that we have added eight (8) new vibrant and brilliant colors to our product line.

Purchase several and keep one in your toolbox, one in your garage or basement workshop and one in your automotive toolkit.

See our complete line of Sewing Awl Products.

Awl for All

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Awl for All - The Ultimate Leather and Canvas Repair Tool - Lockstitch Sewing Awl
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A division of The Line Group, Inc.

Awl for All

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